Is ecological diversity necessary to its genesis?

A long lasting modeling work (begun as a Master student actually, though considerably modified since then) has just been published as an article in Nature Communications.

We study the impact of diversity on the possibility of evolutionary diversification (adaptive radiation) under different scenarios of ecological interactions. We find that diversification, if  impossible starting at low diversity levels, can become quite possible if more diversity is brought into the system. This causes what is reminiscent of an Allee-effect, but for the dynamics of diversity.

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Congrats to Flora

Flora Aubrée obtained a PhD fellowship from UCA JEDI to pursue her thesis in evolutionary ecology in the lab. Well done!

New article on harvesting-driven behavioral evolution in corn borers

Our latest results on the evolution of positive geotaxis in corn borers as a putative adaptation to the harvesting of corn by humans (see here for first article) have been published in Evolutionary Applications. We report that the Asian Corn Borer (the Eastern counterpart of the European Corn Borer, both having shifted to corn after its introduction into the two opposite ends of Eurasia) developed the same adaptive behavior, in an interesting instance of parallel evolution.


PCI Evolutionary Biology has kicked off

PCI Evol. Biol. is the first of the PCI, an effort to recommend and peer-review research articles wherever they are (published in a regular research article, or simply posted on a public archive such bioRxiv). Recommendations AND reviews are published online, and it is entirely free!


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